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Minnesota Cold is Not So Nice

Happy Monday! The sun is shining for another MN day. Despite the sun shining, it started out a balmy -11 degrees this morning. So, what do you do when it's too cold to survive outside for more than 10 minutes? Bundle up and go outside anyways? Stay inside and read a good book?

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Wood Badges

Happy Monday everyone! Our feature today is wood badges. Our wood badges are made from maple solids and give your name badge a natural look.

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Counter Mats Say it Big

Have a message you would like to get across and want to put it where everyone can see it? Enter in our full-color Counter Mats. With large sizes and full-color printing your graphics will really make your message stand out.

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Beach Badges

Are you thinking about going to the beach? Yes, we are too because we live in MN, and that's what you do when it's February, or January, or March, well you know, the six months out of the year when we are stuck with old man winter.

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Badge Ribbons for Everyone

Does your badge need a little extra something? Badge ribbons can be used for so many different applications. They come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for that next promotion you are having.

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Event Badges and Tags

Remember that thing you have coming up that you are meaning to do something amazing for? Well we have just the thing to give your guests all the info they need. Our event badges and tags include full-color imprint on both sides. Need them personalized? No problem, we can do that too.

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Full-Color Metallic Window Badges

Metallic window badges just may be the best of both worlds for badges. They are metallic, so they class up the badge, but they also have a window, so you are able to reuse them. Have an annual event every year and don’t want to re-order badges for them? No problem! You can order badges and change the inserts. Or, if there is a lot of turnover for some reason, no worries there either. Just remove the insert and make a new one. These window badges are printed with UV-Inkjet full color process. Beautiful, executive badges reusable for when you need them.


Check out our full line of metallic window badges here


Reusable badges fast and on-demand! Plastic Metallic Window Badges include full-color UV Inkjet logo on brushed silver or brushed gold, one 1/2 inch slot for personalization, 153-PS or 153-EZ fastener and laser printable inserts sheets. Personalization of inserts is not available. Magnetic or other fasteners available at additional cost.

Custom Shaped Brass Badges

We have so many new products for 2015 and probably one of the coolest things we have is custom shape brass badges. Yes, you read that right, custom shaped brass.

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Blackboard Badges

Have you seen anything lately that has a blackboard on it? Something crafty perhaps? It's very much a trend right now to make any and everything write-on-able, and the easiest way to do that is to make it like a chalkboard.

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