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Blackboard Badges

Have you seen anything lately that has a blackboard on it? Something crafty perhaps? It’s very much a trend right now to make any and everything write-on-able, and the easiest way to do that is to make it like a chalkboard. Just add a little paint and let it dry and voila! You have a surface you can write on and wipe off over and over again. Well we have got badges that are just that amazing. Blackboard badges to write on, and wipe off, and write on again. Have a new quote each week, or simply add a little pizzazz to your badge. Personalize it and make it your own with our blackboard badges. Feed your inner craftiness and enjoy!

Blackboard Badges


Unique blackboard badges allow staff to express themselves! Blackboard badges include one imprint color and pin fastener 153-PS or 153-EZ. Magnetic or other fasteners available at additional cost. Blackboard badges are made from .060 black polystyrene and are packaged 50 per bag. Blackboard badges are not personalized. You can write on with chalk or liquid chalk to add a name or message. Badges will show scratches after repeated writing and cleaning.•-UV-Inkjet-logo/1/48/177

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