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Full-Color Metallic Window Badges

Metallic window badges just may be the best of both worlds for badges. They are metallic, so they class up the badge, but they also have a window, so you are able to reuse them. Have an annual event every year and don’t want to re-order badges for them? No problem! You can order badges and change the inserts. Or, if there is a lot of turnover for some reason, no worries there either. Just remove the insert and make a new one. These window badges are printed with UV-Inkjet full color process. Beautiful, executive badges reusable for when you need them.


Check out our full line of metallic window badges here


Reusable badges fast and on-demand! Plastic Metallic Window Badges include full-color UV Inkjet logo on brushed silver or brushed gold, one 1/2 inch slot for personalization, 153-PS or 153-EZ fastener and laser printable inserts sheets. Personalization of inserts is not available. Magnetic or other fasteners available at additional cost.

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