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Beyond the Egg

Easter is right around the corner, and who doesn't love looking at adorable crafts to make with your kiddos. Or even better, maybe they will make them at school and bring them home for your enjoyment. Either way, for us, Easter means a time of family and celebration, and little eggs filled with M&Ms for my daughter.

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Connecting with the Best

I wouldn't say I'm necessarily "new" to the promotional products industry, as I have been working for ID Line in some capacity since I was about 5 years old, but I am new to all the happenings outside the building. Trade shows, distributors, suppliers, end users, apparently there are a lot of all of them!

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MN Weather is the Best

Weren't we just talking about the sub-zero super duper cold temperatures not that long ago? Well now of course the forecast is 60 and sunny. Don't you just love Minnesota weather? Hopefully the piles of snow and the long hours of shoveling are over for the year....but who knows, in 2013 we had snow until Memorial Weekend.

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun for All

Who doesn't love a holiday where everyone gets together and wears green and talks about leprechauns? Drinking green beer, wearing green shirts and looking for the pot-o-gold are just a few things on the agenda for March 17th.

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