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MN Weather is the Best

Weren’t we just talking about the sub-zero, super duper cold temperatures not that long ago? Well, now of course the forecast is 60 and sunny. Don’t you just love Minnesota weather? Hopefully the piles of snow and the long hours of shoveling are over for the year….but who knows, in 2013 we had snow until Memorial Weekend.

And what comes with spring that we Minnesotans love putting on everything? Sapping season! No, that doesn’t mean watching a bunch of sappy movies, it means tapping our maple trees and turning sap into delicious maple syrup. The “sugaring season” is usually only a couple weeks long, and is in the spring when the temperature is above freezing during the day, and below freezing at night.

The sap goes up and down the tree and we collect it by the gallons in buckets to later boil down, and boil some more, and then boil some more, until it is that sweet nectar of life we put on any and everything. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can all use a little more maple syrup, especially the homemade variety.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s a few pictures of the process. The tap goes in the tree about 1 1/2″, we hang special sap sacks to collect the sap, and then after the boil and filtering we have mason jars full of amazingness.  Can’t wait till the season begins, and we can boil sap while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

IMG_0212Sap Bags  IMG_8346

And don’t worry, no maple trees are harmed in the process of tapping and sapping. Do you have some maple trees in your yard and want to try the process yourself? Check out the best of the best Anderson’s Maple Syrup website. They have everything you need to make the best breakfast accoutrement ever. Happy sapping!

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