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Beyond the Egg

Easter is right around the corner, and who doesn’t love looking at adorable crafts to make with your kiddos. Or even better, maybe they will make them at school and bring them home for your enjoyment. Either way, for us, Easter means a time of family and celebration, and little eggs filled with M&Ms for my daughter.

This year for Easter she will be 3.5, and I’m pretty sure the egg hunt is going to be hilarious. As it should be. Since I’m not sure having hard boiled eggs outside is such a great idea, we buy the plastic ones and fill them with just a couple M&Ms. Her favorite. When she realized last year the first egg had something in it, she was running around the yard with the most excitement she could contain.

Do you have Easter traditions? Do you dye or paint eggs and hide them? Easter baskets full of candy or books? We try to add a little bit of education to our baskets because it makes me feel better inside. If you are up to filling your house with crafty things, here is an adorable set of ideas. Happy crafting and happy egg hunting!

Here are a few pictures of our adorable little lady from Easter last year.




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