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What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

I know it seems like a Hallmark holiday to a lot of people, and it's just an excuse to make money on cards, flowers, and chocolate, but when you're a mother, it's so much more. Life gets in the way most days, and no matter what good intentions we have to spoil the ones we love for no reason, it doesn't always happen.

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Earth Day Wood Badges, Tags & Pins

Since today is Earth Day what better product to showcase than our wood products! Badges, tags and lapel pins are all available in our natural wood material. Since all of these are cut using our new fancy shmancy laser, we can custom cut them however you would like with no extra charge. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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Badge Release Program

Have you heard of our Badge Release Program (BRP)? It's pretty amazing, not gonna lie. So many of our badges, tags and other products are available for our BRP. We just launched our new BR website so distributors and end users are able to go into their programs and order or reorder items.

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Event Season is Here

Do you have get togethers during the summer? Of course you do, it's finally nice out and we can have events without worrying about the weather. Our paper event badges are perfect for those events that last a day or even a weekend. Event tags can be made to highlight vendors, attendees, and of course all those VIPs.

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Spring is Here!

I know the first day of Spring has come and gone already, but in Minnesota we are always a little skeptical about calling it "Officially Spring". But, I feel like now we are pretty safe! So, what does spring mean for you? Spring cleaning? Garage sale? Finally opening the windows? All of these are true in our house.

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