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Spring is Here!

I know the first day of Spring has come and gone already, but in Minnesota we are always a little skeptical about calling it “Officially Spring”. But, I feel like now we are pretty safe! So, what does spring mean for you? Spring cleaning? Garage sale? Finally opening the windows? All of these are true in our house.

For some reason when the windows are open it makes me want to clean the whole house, not really in the traditional sense (cause I’m not a cleaner) but, picking things up around the house, emptying the closets that have been meaning to be organized, and of course the best part is having bonfires in the backyard again. And grilling, even though we grill in the winter, it makes us look less crazy when it’s finally nice out.

Spring is here and all the eggs will probably be found this weekend, or maybe next year, which is why we use the little plastic guys for hunting. Seeing people out and about walking and biking and running always makes me excited for some reason. So, get out there and enjoy spring because who knows, it could snow tomorrow.

Let me know what you’re favorite thing to do in springtime and share pictures of the beautiful weather. We can all use some more beautifulness in our lives. Happy Spring and enjoy the sunshine!

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