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Earth Day Wood Badges, Tags & Pins

Since today is Earth Day what better product to showcase than our wood products! Badges, tags and lapel pins are all available in our natural wood material. Since all of these are cut using our new fancy shmancy laser, we can custom cut them however you would like, with no extra charge. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

The material we use for all of these products are made from maple solids, so the best way to show your customers you’re green? Natural badges, tags and lapel pins. What does your company do to be green?

Does your company plant a tree for Earth Day? Create a new recycling program? Everything we do every day has an impact on our lives and on this big blue ball we like to call home, and Earth. Share with us your ways of being green and let’s all make this place a happier and cleaner place to live. Cause you know, I kinda like it here.



Convey to your customers, staff and associates that you are a green organization. Wood Badges, Tags, and LapelPins are made from maple solids. Your logo and personalization is laser engraved. Create your own unique shape 1-15 square inches in size. No die charge! Laser engraved logo, and up to 3 lines engraved personalization & pin fastener 153-PS or 153-EZ. Magnetic or other fasteners available at additional cost.

Check out all our wood badges here Wood Tags here and Lapel Pins here

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