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Summer in Minnesota

Nothing says summer in Minnesota like grilling, days on the lake, and delicious food. What are your favorite summer activities and recipes? 

I’ve been having fun pinning lots of delicious recipes and all the things we love about being in MN. With so many lakes there’s always something to do outside. 

We also have many amazing restaurants and breweries, you could eat at a new place and try a new beer every day of the summer. 

Check out our Pinterest board with everything we love about MN and let us know your favorite new thing to do! 

Enjoy the summer!


Father’s Day is Coming Soon!

Father's Day is coming up this weekend. What do you normally do to show love for your father? Gifts? Experiences? Do you take him out fishing? Or do you let him go fishing all by himself? For me, making memories is the best.

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Sublimated Badges

Sublimation, what does that even mean? Well, let me tell you! The technique of sublimation takes a special printer, with special paper, to be put together on a special heat press. Sublimation works on our hardboard material, and also our aluminum. So, whether you need a metal badge or a hardboard badge, we got you covered.

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