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Father’s Day is Coming Soon!

Father’s Day is coming up on the 21st. What do you normally do to show love for your father? Gifts? Experiences? Do you take him out fishing? Or do you let him go fishing all by himself? For me, making memories is the best.

My dad was and is always there for me, ever since I was little. I was in a lot of sports, and he was always my biggest cheerleader, and his voice and whistle were always louder than anyone else. He came to my practices and meets and competitions.

His dedication and support has helped me become the super amazing person I am today. He taught me how to change a tire, change brakes and everything else on my car because if I was ever in trouble, I would be able to help myself. He has taught me endless ways to help others, and help myself become a well rounded person.

I have my dad to thank for so many things in my life. And for me, I love to have experiences, but I do love giving presents as well. A dinner out, or a trip out on the lake for some fishing. The best. What do you do for your dad to show him you love him?

I have found lots of fun pins for you in case you need a few ideas. Check out our Pinterest page here


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