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I can’t count how many times over the years I’ve heard this phrase uttered. It dawned on me during the last trade show I attended that the feeling is quite mutual among distributors in our industry. Especially for those who are used to ordering items that have one imprint area or print process.

After a bit of reflection, I get it – when it comes to badges, the options can be somewhat daunting. Not only can you choose your size, shape and material, you can also choose your print process. Would you like a digital imprint, sublimation, UV Inkjet, screen print or a laser logo? Not enough options for you? How about the location of your imprint – would you care for right or left justified, center top or center bottom, left top, right top or centered or a full bleed? Have you specified your font? How about case, UPPER, Mixed, lower? What about your client’s logo, does it require a PMS match, how many colors? Wait, we’re not done yet – how about a fastener; pin, clip, magnet, pocket adaptor, military clutch or tag slot?

So after all of this, why in the world would you bother selling name badges?

Well, for starters you have IDline/Halls & Company on your side. Not only can we help you with those nitty gritty details, we can educate you or shall we say badge-ucate you on all things badges – event badges, credentials, photo ID’s, executive badges, window badges, etc.. You can count on us to walk you through the different types, material, processes and options to meet the needs of each individual client.

We also offer a neat little sales tool called the Badge Release program. Simply inventory your badges and boom; you’ve got your very own login to your online Badge Release program. With this nifty little tool, you can order your prepaid badges, manage your badge programs, search for long lost names, track your releases and pull an Excel file for your badge transactions or even all the names entered throughout the life of the program. What could be better you ask? Not only can you do all this yourself, you can assign end user logins!!! The site is completely blind, no pricing or contact info (except for yours, of course).

Doesn’t everyone love it when the complicated is made simple? That’s what IDline can do for you, we make badges easy!

Passing the Social Media Torch

Today I am officially passing my social media torch to my fellow co-worker Colin. But, not a real torch because, you know, that could be dangerous. I have been doing blog posts, and making sure we have those ever-so coveted Klout points. Not sure what Klout is? That’s ok, in the social media world it’s a thing. Trust me.

Keeping ID Line in front of all our wonderful customers and then of course their customers is very important to us. We make amazing products, and we want to make sure everyone in the Promotional Products industry is aware.

So! From this day forward I will be venturing into my own entrepreneurial adventure called Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe, and also school full time at Le Cordon Bleu for Baking & Patisserie. Colin, who also happens to be Eric’s son, and if you’ve seen us at trade shows, you have probably seen him too, will be taking over our social media accounts.

So make sure to follow our blog, and all the social media outlets. And be gentle to Colin, he might be a little new at the social media thing, but I’m confident he’s going to find you all some great content.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest: @idline

Instagram: @idline_halls

YouTube: IDLineTV

I’m not really nervous…. Just looks like it! Thanks so much to you all for all the fun interactions and wonderfulness you have thrown my way. Happy hump day and enjoy the rest of your week. Make sure to say hello to Colin, and always follow along for up to date information about ID Line.