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Business Leader, Meet the IT Guy…

A few months ago I had the chance to interview Dale Denham for a required assignment in one of my classes, Management Information Systems. The main focus of the interview was about what his job as the Chief Information Officer of Geiger actually entails, however we talked about a few important points that I think everyone in this industry and beyond can benefit from.

For those who don’t know Dale, he has a degree in business, but has always had a love for technology. His first jobs were in sales and sales management, and noticed that technology was always involved in sales and sales management, as well as to the overall business. He found that he was fairly good at dealing with technology and with solving problems and asked himself, “How much more efficient would I be as a business leader if the businesses that I work for had better technology?” This led Dale down the technology path and still to this day balances between business and technology.

When I asked Dale what he thought was the most challenging part about being in the IT/IS field he responded with something interesting. In most cases, business people want their problems solved, but don’t always understand or don’t want to understand how challenging certain things can be, even though they may look simple on the surface. Business people will often ask an IT manager if they can fix something and a lot of the time they will respond that yes they can fix that. While this problem is most likely solvable, the business person doesn’t always realize that there are sometimes 30 steps that have to be gone through for that problem to be fixed, and if you don’t do it correctly there’s a good chance something will go wrong. Because of this, there’s often a misunderstanding of timelines and the business people then get irritated that things take too long.

As we continue to see technology implemented further and further into business, we will see an increase in the number of people in the IT field. It will become increasingly necessary for business people to better understand the processes and time required to accomplish tasks involving IT. I challenge everyone reading this to learn something new about Information Technology this week to better understand what it actually takes to fix an issue.

After all, relationships are what business is all about!

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