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MN Weather is the Best

Weren't we just talking about the sub-zero super duper cold temperatures not that long ago? Well now of course the forecast is 60 and sunny. Don't you just love Minnesota weather? Hopefully the piles of snow and the long hours of shoveling are over for the year....but who knows, in 2013 we had snow until Memorial Weekend.

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun for All

Who doesn't love a holiday where everyone gets together and wears green and talks about leprechauns? Drinking green beer, wearing green shirts and looking for the pot-o-gold are just a few things on the agenda for March 17th.

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Minnesota Cold is Not So Nice

Happy Monday! The sun is shining for another MN day. Despite the sun shining, it started out a balmy -11 degrees this morning. So, what do you do when it's too cold to survive outside for more than 10 minutes? Bundle up and go outside anyways? Stay inside and read a good book?

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Super Bowl Chicken Wings

This week is heavily guided towards food and parties because in our lives we like to eat good food and have friends over to help us, and I hear there is a big football game coming up. Because what super bowl party would be complete without chicken wings?

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Super Bowl Pull-Apart Pizza

Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, the amazing food, the party with your friends, or to actually watch football, you're going to need something to eat to pass the endless hours of Super Bowl coverage. So, here is a favorite in our house to get you through the game, and on to the commercials. At our house when it comes to having a bunch of people over, we are more than happy with the easy-peasy recipes. Takes ten minutes to prepare? Perfect. Takes nine hours? No thank you. So here is my first bit of deliciousness for your devouring pleasure. So easy the kids can help. Try it, love it, tell me how it all turns out. Enjoy!

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Super Bowl Dip of Champions

What does every super bowl party need? A dip for the chips and crackers. Not just any dip will do because it's the Super Bowl. You need a dip that can defeat all the other dips out there, and just for you, I have found it. It has all the best ingredients, and takes minimal effort in preparing it. Again, we don't need anything fancy pants, but we do like it to look good, and be delicious. This dip manages to do all those things, and it will impress your friends with how beautiful it is. It looks like a lot of ingredients, but don't be scared, you probably have most of them already! Eat, dip and be merry.

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